Cayeco® Custom Made Channels

Designed for wetrooms and spa showers etc. with no visible drain parts and high water displacement.

Using stainless steel AISI 304 or 316L (for marine applications), each channel is designed and made in the UK to order.

Our channels are designed to suite the available floor void, made to any length, suitable for tanking or membrane installation, flange sizing to suit any floor and wall finish build up, with a removable grate.

Channel Lower Parts and Drains

All of our components are made from stainless steel and not plastic, with push-fit for easy installation and are available with both horizontal and vertical outlets. 
Drain outlet sizes are 50mm, 75mm and 110 mm.

Our shower bases are connected to these high displacement floor drains and with many options available there should be one to suit any type of floor construction.

Channel Lower Part Drain

Trap and Filter Basket

With the grate removed the trap can be pulled out from the top. 
It has a 50mm water seal and can displace up to 1.7 Litres per second through a 75mm waste pipe or 0.7 litres per second through a 50mm waste pipe.
Made in two parts, the cup can be unscrewed from the seal making the components easy to clean.
To aid cleaning a filter basket is designed to locate on top of the trap seal.

Shower drain
Shower drain