Cayeco® Shower Floors

The base

Like a shower tray, the base is permanently fitted to the floor, usually in a recess and contains a high displacement floor drain.
Wall finishes are fitted down to this surface.
We can make carbon fibre composite shower bases if required to compliment the floor panel, however, there are many stone composite or similar bases available on the market with a choice of sizes for making a suitable base.

Shower base
Shower base Shower base
Shower base with shower panel lifted out of the way.

The Floor Panel

A removable panel that is supported on small feet (approximately 5mm thick) around its perimeter, to sit above the base and locates to the wall finish and bathroom floor.
This floor panel is profiled with a slight drainage slope or slopes, to allow the water to disperse to a 5mm gap around its perimeter. Tapering from 20mm at floor junction to 15mm at wall junction its design allows for easy removal and access to the base and drain for cleaning.

Image Image Image Image
Level floor access from bathroom floor to shower floor with a 5mm drainage gap.

Supporting and locating feet

Solid carbon fibre composite feet are bonded to the perimeter of the shower panel to provide a 5mm drainage gap to the perimeter of the shower enclosure. They allow the shower panel to sit raised from the base, providing a gap for the water to drain freely. Bonded to the carbon feet are closed cell foam pads allowing the shower panel to slide easily back into position and provide an acoustic element between surfaces. The pad can be changed in future if the new surface material is a different thickness to maintain a level floor access.


Section through a Cayeco® shower floor system

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Bunded enclosure and Shower Tray system

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Plan of a Cayeco®
shower floor

Plan of a Cayeco shower floor

Shower base recessed to bathroom floor.
Shower Panel Removed here.

Shower base recessed to bathroom floor

Lightweight and Strong

Image Image

A lightweight structural foam core, profiled to the required size and shape. The core is infused under pressure with resin. with layers of woven carbon fibre cloth to both sides. When cured this composite is stiff, strong and lightweight, weighing as little as 9Kg/M². The edges are reinforced with solid carbon fibre composite around the perimeter of the panel. The cured carbon fibre composite receives an additional UV resin application, then abraded and polished to a fine finish. This technique and materials are used in the manufacture of performance racing yachts and Formula 1.

Freedom of design

The unique aspect of the shower floor is the removable floor panel, this allows the surface to be finished. in any way and with any suitable material. Re modelling or enhancing aspects of the bathroom in the future, the floor panel does not need to be replaced. It can be reused and refinished with a new surface design, time and time again. Additional floor panels can be made with different designs and can be swapped over in minutes. The Cayeco® base is beautifully finished in carbon fibre as standard with a decorative stainless steel drain grate. and can be used as a recessed shower floor while the shower floor panel is away being refinished. An alternative composite shower base could fulfil the same roll.



Water running off the floor panel is channelled by the shower base to the stainless steel drain.
The drain has a removable trap, filter basket, decorative grate and is a low maintenance high displacement type.
All drain components are made from either AISI 304 grade stainless steel or AISI 316L for marine applications.

Access and Maintenance

Image Image

The shower floor panel although lightweight, has been designed to be removed using the hand inflated pouch.
The pouch removes the risk of trapping fingers and damaging the shower floor or surrounding finishes.
Once inflated, the floor panel will be separated from the base allowing easy removal.
When refitting the floor panel, the inflated pouch is placed on the front edge of the shower base and then deflated, allowing the Spacer feet fitted to the shower panel to locate back to the base in the same position every time.

Removable drain components

Image Image

The floor drain grate is lifted out to access the filter basket and water trap.
Cleaning of all surfaces can be done with a microfiber cloth using a mild and non-abrasive detergent.

Help with your project

Cayeco® can help you with UK, overseas, or on the seas projects.

Initial Interest

We can discuss with you in as much detail as you require, the suitability of our designs and products for your project, so you may make an informed decision.

Choosing the Cayeco® design for your project

Working with your specification or design brief, we will design a shower floor and associated drainage to suit the environment it is intended for.
As part of our commitment to your project we can assist you with technical advice on wall and floor construction, installation and finishing.


Cayeco® Shower Floors

Approximately 6-8 weeks

Cayeco® Floor Drains

From 2 days

Cayeco® Shower Channels

From 10 days

Installation Maintenance and Alteration

Cayeco® Shower Bases

We can install our carbon fibre shower bases if required or provide information to allow a competent fitter to do so.

Cayeco® Shower Panels

Shower panels are the very last thing to go in. They are measured when the wall and floor finishes are complete to ensure a correct fit. The decorative finish is applied and we are ready to fit the panel. 
The shower panel is bonded to the carbon locating feet in situ to achieve the right fit and level with the surrounding floor. The shower floor can be used after 24 hours.

Cayeco® Maintenance and Alterations

Cayeco® can assist with the maintenance of our products, manufacture replacement parts and refinish decorative surfaces or change them when required.