Surface Materials and Finishes

A guide to decorative finishes


Wood Veneers
Solid Hardwoods
Metal Coatings
Hand painted Art

Handmade Art
Stone Veneers
Shell Veneers


Wood veneers
Natural and Engineered veneers

Thickness 1-3mm
Extensive range of sustainable and certified hardwoods
Dyed and treated varieties
Decorative burls/burrs
Can match bathroom cabinetry and panels etc.
Finished with natural oils to protect and enhance the woods natural look.
Low maintenance. Occasional re-oiling depending on use.
Replaceable if damaged or worn.

wood veneer
Hardwood shower floor

Solid Hardwood
Matching a wood floor to a shower panel

Medium to heavy weight
Thickness 4mm
Variety of solid hardwoods
To replicate or continue the wood floor of a bathroom into the shower
Finished with oils or lacquers
Low to high maintenance
Can be sanded and refinished 

Metal Coatings
Liquid metal veneer finish to a shower floor

Medium weight approximately 1-2kg/m²
Thickness 0.5mm for a polished finish, 1-1.5mm for a textured finish
Metal; gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, zinc, aluminium, steel and tin
Variety of mixed metals
Unique finishes
Matching bathroom cabinetry and panels etc.
Available without a lacquered finish to patina or lacquered to maintain colour
Low or no maintenance

wood veneer
Art shower floor

Hand painted Art
A blank canvas to walking on art

Thickness 0.5-1mm
Acrylic paints to create any style of Artwork
Available with or without a lacquered finish
Low or no maintenance 
Durable surface

Handmade Art

Lightweight 1kg/m²
Thickness 1mm
Endless natural or man-made materials can be encapsulated with our UV stable resin
No maintenance
Durable polished surface

Handmade Art Shower Floor
Fabric and vinyl shower floor

Natural sea shells and shell veneers

Very lightweight to light / medium weight
0.3-1.8mm thick
Veneers can be used to create intricate decorative patterns.
Solid shell cut to make a variety of patterns.
Large range of sustainably produced shells from New Zealand abalone (Paua) to Chinese fresh water mother of pearl.
Unique natural finish
Matching bathroom cabinetry and panels etc.
Low or no maintenance

Stone Veneer
Natural stone veneer applied to a shower panel

Thickness 2mm
Various natural colours and finishes
Matching bathroom cabinetry and panels etc.
Low or now maintenance
Hard surface

Stone Veneer Shower Floor